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She Says So is a speaking program created by professional speakers Cath Vincent and Diana Thomson. The course is designed to equip you to gain confidence in public speaking by learning in a supportive environment. Whether you want to get that promotion or simply stop feeling nervous, this is the perfect programme for you. Cath and Diana have teamed up, combining their decades of speaking and mentoring experience to create a programme and environment that will help you be at your best while speaking.

Run on fortnightly on a Wednesday evening at Studio 38, 38 Airedale Street. See the She Says So FaceBook Page to find out more.

Why join us?

  • Practice in a safe environment to become more comfortable

  • Gain confidence in speaking in front of others

  • Get constructive feedback to apply to future opportunities

  • Find a new level of confidence in your professional and personal life

  • Fortnightly meetings to ensure consistent  progress

  • Learn to speak with no notes and let your personality shine

  • Cost effective with no additional obligations or volunteer positions required

Plus Gain Access to

  • Personal coaching from two professionals who speak for a living

  • A copy of a course book designed to assist you on your journey

  • A place in a small sized club with other women

  • Access to an array of speaking tools, videos, worksheets, 

  • Discount on other programs run by Speech Marks and co creator Cath Vincent

The place where women find their voice

Women have voices, but many are not use to or they are hesitant to use them. If you are tired of being scared of speaking up at meetings, or not having your say at community events, join us and see if this is the place where you find that self confidence you always wanted.

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30th July 2019

One day only in Auckland!

You're asked to present at a large meeting or conference.  No is out of the question, but you are already loosing sleep over the idea of it!!  You know you're "stuff" but that isn't the problem.   It's when to start preparing, what structure to use, what to say and what not to say. but most of all it’s the slide deck - your worst nightmare is 40 hours spent on a slide deck that bores everyone.

Benefits and Outcomes from attending the workshop:

  • Confidence in preparation, where and when to start

  • Learn simple presentation planning techniques

  • how to make beautiful and professional looking slides

  • How to engage an audience and tell stories

  • Introductions and handovers from the MC

  • How to incorporate videos into PowerPoint so they work every time

  • Use of body language and eye contact to exude confidence and increase engagement

  • A more engaged audience that remembers you for all the right reasons!

Find out more by click on the link to the EventBrite Page

I was missing business opportunities and promotions because I was to scared to give a presentation
— Erin N - Auckland

Public Speaking Business Basics

Giving you the confidence to speak up and participate in business.

Whether you are a business manager, owner or starting out in the business world, you need to network and tell people about your what, why, who and how.  It needs to be clear, concise and memorable.  You will also need to be able to answer questions confidently, clearly and completely. 

All these need basic public speaking skills. 

This course is for women that want to improve their everyday communication, find their strengths and make rapid improvement that they can apply immediately.

Dates are to be scheduled for this course in 2019.  Email Diana@speechmarks.co.nz to find out more.

What this course will cover

1.     The Seven Pillars of Public Speaking; including Voice, Body Language, Eye contact Knowledge, Your Audience,

2.     Overcoming nerves and the use of mind-set and Power Poses

3.     Speech structures and planning

4.     Practical everyday uses of public speaking; The Elevator Pitch, longer introductions “One Minute Promo”

5.     Handling Questions and Answers

6.     Practice of short speeches and answering questions throughout the day

What are the outcomes of this course?

·      Practice of short speeches (a highly under rated necessity)

·      Evaluation on areas of strength and areas for improvement

·      Ideas and scripts for self- introductions that can be used immediately

·      Confidence in meetings and any situation where you are speaking to people

·      Improved handling and answering of questions

·      Time saving when planning a speech or presentation

Follow up and mentoring for three months

What will you get from this course?

A workbook with your new "Elevator Pitch" a longer "One minute Promo" to re use and later as you need it.

You will get all the Speech Marks Quick Tip Cards to help you focus.

Have a speech planning template for your longer speeches.

Access to the Facebook Group to practice Facebook Live Videos and get feedback

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DiSC Personality Profiles

Costs vary for team sizes so make an obligation free enquiry

This highly researched and well recognised personality profiling system can have many uses. Help teams communicate, help select people during job interviews but also help people communicate with their clients, customers and audience.

Speech Marks will arrange for the surveys of your team and then deliver the results in an engaging and eye opening workshop. Emphasis is placed on communication styles and ways to speak and present.

What will the DISC workshop cover?

  • What is DiSC and What does each quadrant mean

  • What do participants think they are, how to their colleagues perceive them

  • How a profile is made up, dominant style and other profile traits

  • What the strengths and weaknesses are for each quadrant

  • How to identify styles in other

  • How to use this to your advantage so that your audience reacts in a positive way

What are the outcomes from this course?

This is not only an insightful workshop into your own personality, communication style and preferences but also that of other team members. Participants will have a renewed desire to communicate to a higher standard with each other, in a respectful way. Another outcome will be improved communication with clients and customers as they are delivered information in the way they prefer.  

Crafting Your Message $597 per person + GST

Do you hate getting up in front of lots of people as they stare back, waiting for you to say something and you can't get the words out? Stop being a scary-cat and get rid of those excuses. This live, group workshop will nurture you through the process of finding your voice and overcoming the fears of stage fright. By the end of it you'll feel prepared and have the confidence to shine while giving your speech. When you've finished you'll find your audience engaged and ready to take action.


Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is for women who want to speak at work events, or as guest speakers at community or school groups, and fundraisers.


What's covered in the workshop?

1.     Review your background, experiences, stories and pick out the material that will resonate with your audience

2.     Consider the answers to nine revealing questions that are the key to any successful presentation

3.     Understand how to engage in an emotional journey of your audience so that you satisfy their hearts and their minds.

4.     Be clear on what your goal is:  what do you want your audience to think, feel and do?

5.     Building on your knowledge, gifts, strengths to be the authentic you in front of others

6.     Using storytelling to bring the audience with you in a way that is meaningful to them.

7.     Planning the presentation so that it has a natural momentum

8.     Decide on which visual aids will multiply your impact

9.     Bring it together as one fabulous presentation that inspires insight and action.


How will you benefit from the workshop?

Are you ready to do workshops or improve a presentation? still nervous or not sure where to stand and how to make the most of the PowerPoint?

  • Have your existing public speaking skills assessed and then build on them

  • Craft your story because people love stories

  • Learn about transitions, and learn how to improve speeches with them

  • Focus on the 3 Ps of pause, pace and pitch that make or break a speech

  • Figure out your throughline and gift to the audience,

  • Learn about a call to action and ensure you have them

  • We will look at stage presence, and movement, the use of the microphone and other AV issues

After this course you will be more confident and ready to take on longer speeches and presentations.

What will you get in the workshop?

• Three hours of intense training

• You will have a workbook which we will work through

• Connections with other women.  

• You get all the Speech Marks Quick Tip Cards

• And we'll give you a list of the best Ted Talks to watch at your own pace and other reference material 


 You are in the business of speaking to people !

The is the Public Speaking essentials for Network Marketing (MLM) business owners. It is a two hour presentation or mini workshop session.  This is also a great session for groups that want to learn more about Networking and how public speaking basic skills can be used to build up confidence. With over 20 years experience in different Network marketing companies Diana has seen how people make basic mistakes. She knows that those business will fail unless you can up your brave and speak to everyone about the opportunity.

This workshop isn’t run publicly, it is by appointment only. Small groups are fine. Diana understands the need for it to be accessible and cost effective. If you are growing your MLM or Network Marketing business and want your team to step up this is a great workshop for them. Just email Speech Marks for more information.