Diana Thomson Keynote Speaker Topics

"Diana really connected with the audience all the while being very funny"

Cindy Bakewell Auckland Executive Club Member

Keynote 1 : How Women speaking up helps everyone and the Diversity Dilemma  30-50 minutes

What is holding women back from speaking up at work in 2018?  More importantly how can they gain confidence?  With the current #metoo movement and a resurgence in the gender equity discussion and diversity, women's voice need to be heard.  Diana makes these issues more relevant and surmountable with her explanations of who is this women that isn't speaking up is and how we can help her.

Diana can offer a female audience a keynote on public speaking challenges and inspire them to step up her 'Public Speaking Staircase'. She addresses the 'public speaking - confidence circle' and simple methods to speak up and be heard.

Or to a mixed audience she carefully navigates the challenges some women face and how any manager or business can help.

Keynote Topic 2: Which comes first Confidence or Public Speaking ? 20 or 50 minutes 

Public Speaking seems like an impossible mountain to climb.  Speech Marks break it down into bite sizes steps and turns the mountain into an easy staircase. Diana helps reframe public speaking for the audience, challenges them to re think their relationship with it and offers some options on how to improve on a daily basis so that the next time they are asked to speak, the flight or fright reaction doesn’t kick in!

This is a great option for organisations wanting to get more engagement and participation from staff or members. It will challenge them and give them tools to speak up, improve communication and present well.

Keynote Topic 3 : First Impressions and connecting with people the way they want you to.

This is great for an organisation that needs it’s staff or members to start to lift their game and be the best at connecting to customers and clients. Using the DiSC approach of personality profiling, Diana a Certified DiSC Trainer, will help the audience understand how they can quickly alter their approach and connect with more people more quickly. This is an entertaining keynote that has audience assessing each other and participating, it has a workshop style to ensure maximum information retention. This is useful for Networking, Sales, Client Pitches, but also for people that do presentations or speeches of any sort.

Comments the Women In Property Leadership Summit Nov 2017

"Hi Diana, I absolutely loved your presentation yesterday and you have made me realise that I need to do something about my struggles to speak up in meetings." Sian from Tramco

"Thank you Diana!" Catherine Goodwin Property

Audience feedback given to Liquid Learning the event organiser:

  • Very helpful comments, well presented, incentive to do a public speaking course

  • Helpful tips about public speaking will be put into practice

  • Definitely, something that I'm interested in doing and getting better at

“You made an immediate impact by the call to action to get us to support each other in business and start networking the room. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with other women.” Joanne J - Women In Property Event June 2017

Got an event coming up and need an MC?

Just as an orchestra is only as good as it's conductor, so an event is only as good as its the master of ceremonies.  Invest in the services of a professional Master of Ceremonies to ensure your event runs smoothly, that the atmosphere is set, your speakers are introduced and your guests are engaged.

Let Diana shine the spotlight on your speakers, and guide the audience on the journey you need.  She has experience with small intimate events and meetings.  Audiences of 50 - 300 at evening events are her speciality.  Each event is different in so many ways length, preparation time, number of people to introduce and audience.  

Diana is also trained to interview people and speak to camera.  She can interview your guests and introduce the event for a recording or live streaming.  She can organise a package that includes videoing, interviewing and editing of your event so you can use it for promotion, social media and attendee engagement.

Diana Thomson has been an MC for various events including two Go to Girl Events in Auckland, meetings of National Speakers Association, Auckland chapter and the panel moderator and MC for a Speaker Series on careers advice at her old school.  She speaks in front of audiences regularly with her largest being over 2000 at a National Conference.

MC and Guest Speaker Packages

The Master of Ceremonies is an important role that can ensure an engaged audience and smooth event. The event organiser won't be a trained MC and the senior staff member often get it dumped on them.  If you want your event to run smoothly, and have your awards or speakers shine, if you want to ensure that the pace is kept up and the audience know what is happening, SpeechMarks can help.

New fresh keynotes that deliver engaging stories and strong take away messages that the audience can action are vital today. Diana will ensure this happens. She can provide references and options to include workshops, break away sessions or even discounts on private coaching.

 We specialise in women's events and will give competitive packages for non profits and charities.

Diana as MC and panel moderator at a guest speaker series

Diana as MC and panel moderator at a guest speaker series