About SpeechMarks Coaching

Speech Marks Coaching is a consultancy specialising in teaching women how to be heard in their workplace, businesses and lives.

Speech Marks Coaching provides you with the tools and resources to turn your speaking dreams into reality. On the way you may discover your purpose, self confidence or a new career. Just like Diana did.

Using proven methods and tools Speech Marks will coach you to be a great speaker.  Our goal is to nurture your confidence, to conquer your nerves. No one is a 'natural' when it comes to talking in front of groups – they work at it. It all comes from writing then practicing a good speech with some professional guidance. We'll show you a clear, step-by-step plan to structure your message, plan your speeches, practice your delivery and get up on stage to inspire your audience. 

About Diana Thomson

Diana Thomson started off in your shoes as a nervous public speaker, hands shaking, sweating and losing her place. She didn't want to "make a fool of herself" so practiced, listened to more experienced speakers, read books and sought out advice, then practiced more.  She had private coaching from Presentations Limited NZ and NBO Group Singapore. She gained her Toastmasters International Competent Communicator and Leadership qualification in 2013.  Within a year of starting this she had a job as a workshop presenter and took each workshop as a chance to improve her communication and audience engagement.  

Guiding others along their journey with public speaking, she observed most people don't know they have public speaking skills. She also found helping them improve beforehand after they spoke a thrill.  Speech Marks, brought together decades of her experience in business and six years as a public speaking mentor. It allows Diana to help other business women and entrepreneurs.

Diana is constantly reading, learning and developing new techniques for her clients.  She is a past President of CBD Toastmaster Club, an accredited member of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand (NSANZ / Professional Speakers Association of NZ).

The Speech Marks Way

Speech Marks Coaching views the public speaking journey as a stair case, with many landings. Some people only want to get half way up others to the top, and everyone at a different pace.  Regardless, with time and effort anyone can get to the top.

Speech Marks caters for your unique needs by providing three training vehicles:
• Private coaching for fast tailored advice.
• Workshops for those seeking a group class approach that is collaborative and fun.
• A Woman's-Only speaking club for those who want to take a journey in public speaking with like minded women.

Contact SpeechMarks to express your interest and find out more.

Diana Thomson is a Master of Ceremonies and can be hired for events or train another person to MC a function with confidence. As an MC she can also provide coaching and guidance for the people she is introducing and spotlighting.   Diana  provides keynotes on her journey and Woman and Public speaking; their challenges and advantages.  She is keen to share her discoveries and reasons for providing an all women service.

The SpeechMarks Community

With the tools and resources you'll find here at SpeechMarks, you have everything you need to achieve your goals and successfully deliver your message. So take a minute to browse around the website, join our free community, and make it a habit to learn as much as you can.

 Testimonials from Clients

Private Coaching Client - Simon Wilson - Director RDT Pacific

I was in need of technical advice and tricks of the trade to boost my confidence to deliver an event opening speech. Diana provided a very structured yet adaptable approach to crafting the speech and tips on delivery. The feedback from my public speech was very positive thanks to Diana.

I would recommend Diana she was amazing. She listens to what you are looking for and provides strong encouragement along with empathic constructive feedback

Work with Refugees as Survivors NZ - Ann Hood CEO

“Diana was able to shape her workshops according to the participants needs. She create a safe space and was able to encourage active participation of all group members. Diana’s professionalism and enthusiasm made a great impact. All the participants enjoyed the workshops and expressed increased confidence in their ability to speak in public.”

Confident Presenting for a Visual World workshop 26 June 2018

“Wow Diana, what a fantastic day. You’re a great host and you present so well. Thank you for having me for the whole day, I throughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot, like the add-on section!” (about calming your nerves) - Rebecca Zwitser - Stir Creative

“A fantastic Seminar with practical tips!” Tanya Kravenko

“I learnt very practical things to improve my speeches and presentations like 1 hour practice per minute and seven seconds waiting when asking the audience a questions. It meet my expectations and was well worth the time and money” Stephen Morehead

“This workshop gave me valuable skills with making a presentation using visual aids such as a projector etc.   The knowledge Diana imparted was very relevant to me and I truly learned a lot. Again Diana shone through with motivating and inspiring me to deliver the best presentation I can.“ Catherine Holden

In House Public Speaking workshop for 4 Sight Consulting July 2018

“Dynamic and engaging presentation style - the time flew by. I would definitely recommend Speech Marks Coaching to others…I found the course very worthwhile …” Jennifer Valentine

“ I was really impressed with eh Speech Marks Workshop…. there was plenty that was relevant or could be applied to everyday work…” Joanna Laurenson

“ I thought the day was hugely beneficial …..the coaching / course provided great information on how I can improve public speaking / networking and to know what I can do better and hoe to prepare to make me feel confident and excel.” Pamela Kane- Sanderson